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Multivitamins – Necessary for Gym Goers

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Multivitamins – Necessary for Gym Goers

“Gym junkies and fitness juice/shakes go hand in hand.”Anybody who’s a fitness freak and maintains a chiselled and well toned body makes sure that he takes these shakes religiously sans a miss!

It is hard to understand the need and necessity of the gym goers to consume multivitamins as a pre requisite for sustenance of those packs and muscles until and unless we go into the details. One is always spell bound by an array of supplements and other vital sport nutrition that are available in the gyms for sale. It is quite surprising to see fitness conscious individuals to go ga ga over much sought after protein shakes and others.

Although these products blow out trumpets with claims like increased muscle mass, fat burning, intensify recovery with greater capacity and “well being” with so many fraudulent products and increased exposure to science and technology one can not go wrong while purchasing them with much expertise and information on hand. As per Bob Harper one must try to indulge in organic supplements and nutrition rather than going for adulterated and flavoured products. He further lamented that one ought to be content with your respective nutritional necessities with an appropriate diet.

Some of the multivitamins that are often consumed by gym junkies in order to attain a much desirable body  are as follows:


The imperative reason behind for consuming protein is to improve and build muscle mass as it fosters the body to increase the muscle protein. The best sort of protein is whey protein that is often sought after by these gym junkies.

It is often noted that gym goers swear by “anabolic window” which refers to the phenomenon of consuming protein within minutes of stopping exercise for any improvement or gain to be noticed. However, it is apparently a myth as a window involves 24-48 hours and not just within minutes. Whey protein is absorbed in the gut faster than casein and other proteins such as soy protein supplements further it leads to muscles faster which increases the muscle building rate by 20 % compared to other options.


Creatine is a much celebrated supplemented among fitness conscious individuals. It also occurs in red meat, eggs and fish. Reports and studies have proved it’s significant role in muscle building . When creatine goes into the muscle it generates tremendous energy. This further allows the muscle to contract and exercise . This further can help in gain muscle mass and the body reacts well to the weight training too.


There’s a thing with vitamins which is that it s good for health and should be made a part of the daily routine especially those who are serious about muscle building and such. Vitamins provide with sufficient anti oxidants and energy boosters to the body that becomes unavoidable for gym goers to do away with it.


Caffeine is a drink which is commonly consumed by individuals before hitting the gym in order to carry out the workout with any hiccup and for long hours. Consuming caffeine supplements will in fact prolong one’s endurance ability.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks that composites of carbohydrate have since long been favourite among the gym junkies as they build up the muscle mass and renders energy to throughout body. These drinks are helpful during intense and exhausting excercise and workout regime, however, they are often consumed within short period of time within the workout which leaves less room or scope for improvement and other benefits to the body.

Other supplements:

Other supplements claim to be beneficial for workouts such as beta alanine, omega 3 fish oil, L- arginine, nitrate and vitmain D. These supplements have a great role to play in order to maintain well worked upon body.

One must always remember that supplements may do more harm than good if taken in large quantities. Supplements like that of energy drinks ought to be consumed along with the rigorous workout regime. An individual must not depend solely on them in order to acquire a desired body. Hence, much cautiousness and thinking must go into before making the act as a regular routine.

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